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  Thirty to forty minutes of work and that too with a cell phone. Assuming I let you know this work is duplicate glue and it doesn't actually require your investment and I will show you this work in this blog article. To realize, this is an extraordinary chance for you. I guarantee you folks will begin bringing in web-based cash.

How We Can Do Online Jobs in Pakistan Without Investment?

Now the question in your mind will be how to earn money from home without investment by working for twenty to thirty minutes. Let me tell you first, this is a step-by-step guide in which housewives can also learn, students can also learn and those who are employed can also take some time and start it part-time. Anyone a little educated can easily do this.

✅ First of all, what are the things you should have?

✔️ You should have a smartphone.

✔️ You should have an internet connection.

✔️ At number three, you have an application that should be one that we will mention later.

These are the things you need. So what do you have to do now? The first thing you have to do! That is, you will have three topics here. You'll cover any one topic. I'll tell you the topic and select the topic you think I can cover well and start working on it.

✅ The following are the topics you guys can work on.

➢ Politics means Pakistan.

➢ Motivation

➢ Memes

You have to take a topic that has to be worked on, I am not asking you to make videos on it, etc. on it, for this, you should not be worried about that. It's a very simple task. The first thing you have to do is choose the topic and then go ahead with you. And for that you have to read the article in full, I will continue to teach you all the details and methods. First of all, you have to create a Facebook account and install the Facebook application, which hopefully you already have.

✅ What do you have to do here?

I'll show you an account of Startup Pakistan that I liked quite a lot. What does this account actually do? It also copies the daily post it posts.

online jobs in pakistan without investment

✅ What's so special about them now? The special thing about them is that they have a post-making style that attracts a lot and puts a premium and the viewer feels that it is a government patch or an account run by an organization and seeing this thing people get engaged in it. Their writing and writing patterns are good enough to make money. It's not that Facebook pays them, it's not at all. This is an account that I have shown you, it is Pakistan's related or politics related, say the news, all these things are covered in it and all the work is copy paste, these people do not write their own content. They post their own patches.

 Now you must be wondering how these people earn money, so after covering all three topics, I will tell you how the people who are working in these three categories are making money from them. Table Of Content - ComputingSkill.Com collected all the headings to understand easily.

✔️ The second category i.e. topic we had of motivation, is shown in the photo below.

online jobs in pakistan without investment

Table Of Content - ComputingSkill.Com

✔️ How We Can Do Online Jobs in Pakistan Without Investment?

✔️ How to edit photos in Canva Can see the video below?

✔️ How do we get the money?

✔️ Write a book on it and you can sell it through your page.

You may have noticed that there are enough pages based on motivational photos and videos that post the same categories, which contain the words of various successful people. And let me tell you more, they are all copies of all, no one makes it by themselves.

✔️ The topic at number three is Memes.

As you know that nowadays there is an era of memes and if there is any festival or event in Pakistan, then memes are kept in a separate place to entertain people. And everyone likes this topic. If you write and search by writing memes, you will get to see a lot of photos and videos and if you open the account of the person posting this video or photo, then he will have done all the work on memes. You can create memes and motivation pages in either Urdu or English language.

 The first thing to select the content is that I will request you to start with the topic of politics (Pakistan) i.e. news. If you want to move towards memes or motivation, you can also go to it.

And the app you'll need to accomplish all three of these tasks is Canva, which can be downloaded for free on the Play Store.


✔️ First, download Canva and sign up from a Google account and sign it in. And before that, you create a page on Facebook and set it up completely, such as filling its DP cover and all its required field so that the page looks good to the viewer. When the page is ready, then you will need content and as I mentioned above, you should visit the websites of Urdu Point and BBC Urdu and copy any news from there so that we can post this news in a photo and post it.

✔️ Now here you need a related photo of this news? So let me tell you where to get that photo.

✅ First of all, you have to see what is talking about your news so that we can find similar photos. When you find that keyword from this news, search it in Google's search engine and click on images and download a photo according to this news.

How to edit photos in Canva Can see the video below?

Create a photo by following all the steps mentioned in the video and downloading it.

✔️ What do we do now? If we are going to the news category, if we are going to the memes category, then we have to take data from the goal and make memes. The photo has come to us, now we have to create a page on Facebook, create a page on Instagram, and here you have to post daily the way this page is doing. Now we are putting photos daily, and making memes, so how do we make money now?

How do we get the money?

✔️ There are two or three ways to make money, The telling you the first method that is most famous? As soon as your page starts growing, people contact you to put our post and they are also ready to pay for the post. Here is a photo I am sharing with you where a man is promoted by them. And they charge money for it. Start with a thousand or fifteen in the start, then gradually take it to more.

  All such pages here make money from paid promotions. If I talk about them, they charge 30,000 rupees for a post. Because there will be a lot of likes on it and people will listen to it and people hire admins of such pages and give them money. Rich people have a lot of money, they have to be famous and they have no problem with how much money they are willing to spend. As soon as your page rank is, people will start contacting you, and you will get messages in the inbox, if there is a number on WhatsApp, then people will start contacting you there.

  This page has become so much that government officials are also posting their promotions. The number one thing is that first, you have to improve your page, guru it, then take your promotions and promote people. The second thing is that you can write an e-book of your own if you do it automatically. The e-book can be on any topic if you have news then you can write about politics. Or you guys can write about online earnings. As you are earning, write down everything about how I am earning.

Write a book on it and you can sell it through your page. Like there's a post below.

When your page is active and people are coming to it, automatically whatever you want to sell will be bought from you. You put one story a day or your e-book or a story after two or three days and you do not keep its price so high, keep it up to two hundred or three hundred rupees so that more and more people can buy it. No one will have a problem with such a price. For this, you can make money from EasyPaisa or JazzCash.

✔️ People are also earning from Instagram by following the same method. And also from Facebook.

So today you come to Facebook and Instagram and put stories daily and as soon as your page starts to grow, put the ads of paid promotions on it, from which you will earn a good amount. These people who have shown you on these pages are earning lakhs of rupees in a month. These people are taking 20,000 rupees for a post, so guess how much their income will be. This is a great way for people who know how to work hard and want to earn through hard work. And those who want me to tell you a shortcut that will make you a millionaire, then sorry boss, it is not possible.

If you work hard, you will get something, otherwise, there are millions of false articles and videos that are selling their lies to the people.

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