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What is Patch Approved Mobile || PTA Patch Approved

 Along with new smartphones in Pakistan, the market for buying and selling used mobile phones has also become very wide.  And when this Dirbs system has come, this market has been divided into three parts here. Today we will talk here about these three types.

What is Patch Approved Mobile PTA Patch Approved

 And what are the things within them that you get to see I have divided this article into six parts. 

✔️ The first point that you will get to see inside.

✔️ Patch phones that raise the question of whether they should be bought or not.

✔️ What are the brands that will be better seen with the IMEI PTA patch number?

✔️ Can phones with IMEI number patches prove dangerous for you or not?

✔️ Can you patch the IMEI number at home?

✔️ The sixth point is, should we take the patch phone from the market?

How to Patch PTA Approved

 Now, the question is how to patch PTA approved. According to my own thinking, these findings are whether you should take such patch phones or not and what I think about this whole setup, if you are going to take someone who is going to take a mobile that is patched, this article can be quite informative for him. And the points that will be discussed here will give the answers to all your questions. Well, First of all, how many types of smartphones do you get to see in the Pakistani market? Here you will see three types of smartphones.

    ✅ Official PTA Approve

    ✅ IMEI Patch Phones

    ✅ VIP Patch Approve

✔️ First of all, let's talk about what is the difference between these three, the first category that comes in is the PTA official approver phones that we take entirely canned phones from Pakistan. They are already approved by the company. It will be an official device and will have officially come to Pakistan. It has PTA tax paid. 

✔️ The second category here is IMEI patched. There are some devices smuggled to Pakistan that still come to Pakistan or devices that people buy from abroad and are allowed to run for free for two months, then it becomes necessary to register this device by paying PTA tax. So what do people do by modifying this device and changing its IMEI number and putting an IMEI number in it whose tax is negligible or not?

✔️ And the third category that is here is VIP official patch approve, which is the phones in which such IMEI number is inserted which are your personal number i.e. what is the test because many IMEI numbers are registered in the police records on which any crime of any kind may have been committed.

What is PTA Patch Approved Mobile?

 IMEI patch phones are first rooted, a recovery is flashed inside it that roots it, and then it is patched. And the first danger that can come out of this is that the shopkeeper will root an IMEI number that is already on track in an organization and there has been a crime on the phone of that number and we are being punished for someone's crime. So do not be a part of such an illegal government and use the same phones that are officially approved or you have registered this IMEI number by paying their taxes. If you have a personal phone that you are using and you know that there is no report on it in any police station and if I get this number patched, Then I will not face any problem. In this case, you can feel secure.

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Which Smartphone Brands are Better Seen if the IMEI Number is Patched?

 I am going to explain some of the top leading brands of mobile phones, What is PTA patch approved, and how it works after patching.

    ✅  Samsung Phones

    ✅  OnePlus phones

PTA Patch Approved Means

 PTA patch approved means that many phones here you will get to see IMEI PTA patched phones. Let me clarify one more thing here you will never find the IMEI number patching in the iPhone's mobiles. If anyone is found, it will be refurbished or PTA will be tax paid. If not, the shopkeeper will tell you otherwise you can take his tax information from yourself.

>>>>>> PTA Tax Check Here

    ✔️ Samsung, when patched, has a custom recovery flash that removes its original IMEI and replaces it with a new IMEI. And when the Samsung phone is rooted, updates from Samsung stop coming and the biggest disadvantage that happens is that this type of phone does not run the banking app or the Jazz Cash app.

    ✔️ The second phone here is the OnePlus and this phone does not need to be rooted to patch the IMEI number. And there are also software updates on it. Here not every phone is rooted and patched on the IMEI number, but there are only a few models that can patch the IMEI number. If you find a OnePlus phone that is IMEI patched and does not have an embedded number involved in any illegal activity, you can take that phone.

Can IMEI Patched Phones Be Dangerous?

 Phones that have the IMEI number PTA patched and that number has been reported to a police station can be dangerous for you. If you want to see if the specific number is involved in any illegal activity, then you can check by going to the given link and putting the IMEI number of the phone there.

How to Check that Mobile IMEI Number Dangerous or Not?

 While buying any phone, make sure to verify its IMEI number so that the desired mobile is not part of any illegal activity, for guidance, you can go to this given link and take status by inserting this IMEI number. So that in the future you avoid any problems.

>>>>>> E gadget Monitoring System App

How to Check that Mobile is PTA approved

How to check mobile is PTA approved or not, go here by SMS or visit the link.

Dial *#06# to get the phone's IMEI number
Note the IMEI number.
Send it to 8484 via SMS or visit to verify the IMEI number

Can you Patch IMEI at Home?

 Yes friends, if you have a OnePlus phone or Samsung phone, you can approve it at home. And there is a device to do this work GC Pro Dongle, which also has a website, you can contact them for more information and order a dongle.

Should We Buy This PTA Patch Phones or Not?

 So, friends, there is nothing wrong with buying IMEI patch phones, but I would say that you people should buy tax-paid phones from PTA, or get the IMEI number of that relevant phone patched on a completely safe IMEI number. Because here if you talk about the IMEI number patch, the phone worth 70 thousand rupees in Pakistan is easily available for 40 to 50 thousand rupees after the IMEI patch. As far as I'm concerned, I would never want to use Samsung phones and if you get a OnePlus phone, you can use it, but make sure that the IMEI number is blacklisted in it.

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 Disclaimer & Conclusion:

Here we should make one thing completely clear our posts, including this post, are based on the information and we do not promote or encourage any kind of illegal activity. If a person is found to be part of any illegal activity, he will be solely responsible. Patching the IMEI is a crime and don't commit the crime.

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