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Why Telegram is Not Working in Pakistan

 Friends! Telegram has become a safe haven on the dark web. You may be wondering why I am speaking all because the dark web is a different thing, there are many illegal things on it and how can Telegram be a part of it. Why after all? Read this article completely because I will tell you Why Telegram is Not Working in Pakistan and lots of more sneaky things that can help you stay safe.

Why Telegram is Not Working in Pakistan

Why Telegram is not Working in Pakistan

Telegram is used by a lot of people, and I think you'll also be using Telegram if you're reading this article. This article can be very important to you and it has to be read in full so that you can be fully aware.

✔️ I told you that Telegram has become an alternative to the Dark Web! How has it happened? See what cybercriminals are doing that those who are taking personal data from place to place, you must have recently heard that the data of dominoes has been leaked. Similarly, they are collecting illegal data, it was earlier sold on the dark web, and now Telegram has become a platform where these things are happening. As you may know, there is piracy of many things on Telegram.

✔️ For example, take 18+ content, Take a series of Amazon, Prime, or Netflix. Or take any live streaming series or any premium shows. Everything is available for money or sometimes free. As Friends has just arrived, friends if you want to see it, you have to take a subscription to HBO Max. But the telegram will give to you the next day if you want to take it.

Is Telegram Banned in Pakistan

Yes! Telegram is Banned in Pakistan because Piracy is happening on Telegram and has been happening for a long time and if you report, Telegram also kicks it down i.e. shuts it down. But even then piracy is happening and happening on a very large scale. I have researched and I have seen a lot of things that I will mention to you here.

How to Make Telegram Work in Pakistan 

Since Telegram is banned in Pakistan and to be unblocked, all illegal things and piracy groups have to be removed, which only Telegram can do to Make Telegram Work in Pakistan. Right now, I'm going to give you two examples. Before writing this article, I also researched it myself and after that, there are two agencies.

✔️VPN Mentor

✔️ NortonLifeLock

 Norton Lifelock's investigation team tried so hard to join these piracy groups and they succeeded in this effort. And after being added to these groups, they saw that there are also groups in which thousands of people are added, in which people have fake IDs and personal information about Covid-19 vaccines-related information, and people's personal details were being shared without any charges. And there's so much sharing about how it can be used. That is, first a product is shown, which no one needs, and then the need to use it by telling its use is also being created. And it is very important to understand what these people mean behind it and what their agenda is. That is, your data is my personal data, and then how it can be used. How is all this happening and why action is not being taken on it?

Why Telegram is Banned in Pakistan 

✔️ What is the reason for Telegram is Banned in Pakistan? How is this happening? It is happening that chats on Telegram are end-to-end encrypted so that no one can read what happens. And it can't even be downloaded by telegram. And that's why all the things that used to go to the web earlier are now being done on Telegram.

✔️ VPN Mantor and NortonLifelock have detected this from their personal investigation and found that it is happening on Telegram. And it has been confirmed that Telegram has become an alternative to the dark web in a very secretive way. Because you also use Telegram and I also used it until it was banned in Pakistan. And those who use it on a daily basis have some work on Telegram. These agencies have also said in their report that Telegram is not taking any major steps to stop all these things and cybercriminals have made Telegram their safe haven where they can easily do illegal things. When all these things were done on the dark web, it is very difficult to go there and there is no traffic, install an app here and start your work because Telegram provides a very low barrier as well as chat end-to-end encrypted, and a disclosure policy.

✔️Telegram should ban these things so that people who are doing the right thing in the real sense are not affected, because only the Telegram team can do this work.

How to Use Telegram in Pakistan Without VPN

Many people work legally and have channels and do a lot of work and it can also affect their information if long-life information is leagued on the Telegram app, then you think about how many people use Telegram and where these personal details can go, and how dangerous it can be. If you are not part of these illegal activities and want to do actual work, then how to use Telegram can be done by watching it in the video ==> Proxy Link

Proxy Settings : 


Port: 443

Secret: 11112222333344445555666677778888

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