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How Can I Check My PTA IMEI Online

In today's blog article we're going to talk about Dirbs (Device Identification Registration Blocking System). Just as you find it difficult to read this name, it does this work very important.  And this system has been introduced by the Government of Pakistan so that the mobiles you have can be verified and how can I check my PTA IMEI Online. Now we will read what it means in detail.

PTA IMEI Check Code Online

So friends, whenever you use a mobile, understand that that phone is being imported from outside Pakistan. The phones that are being manufactured in Pakistan and at the same price as this one phone, this phone is registered with PTA and provided. And the phones that are not made in Pakistan and are ordered by people from abroad or overseas Pakistanis who bring phones with them have to be registered with the PTA IMEI check code Online. For example, iPhone mobiles are not made in Pakistan and all the iPhone sets in Pakistan must be registered with PTA. By the way, phones coming from abroad are allowed to run without registration for 60 days, but after that, the SIM stops running in it and the device is only useful for the Internet on WiFi.

How Can I Check My PTA IMEI Online

To register mobile via the application, download the App form following link of Google Play Store; Device Verification System (DVS) - DIRBS Pakistan

PTA Registration Check IMEI Number

You just have to match the code given below with your mobile and you can see your IMEI number on the screen then you have to note this IMEI number and SMS the number below. PTA registration check IMEI number.

Dial from mobile *#06# to get the phone's IMEI number. Note the number and send it to 8484 via SMS or visit to verify the IMEI number. 

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 Whenever you bring a phone from another country, you have to take a NOC for it. And you have to take this NOC personally and if you are a dealer, you will have to take it. Even if you are ordering a mobile phone, you will have to get a NOC. And if there is a company like Samsung etc. they will also need a NOC. Because the mobile phones they are bringing to Pakistan will be registered or not. And this approval is being given by PTA. Now every approval is being given on the IMEI number of this mobile that it is an international-based number, due to which any device is being made unique. What happened normally? That the NOC is taken and the phones you bring from the market are also registered. But sometimes it happens that mobile phones are imported incorrectly and thus neither approval is taken from PTA nor the government is getting tax. So in such a situation, there are two problems.

 ✔️ One is the phones from where they came to Pakistan and in which market they were sold and where they came from in the hands of the people.

✔️ Now the second and biggest problem is that the government is not getting taxes and in such a situation, the country's economy suffers. 

 Now to avoid this, the government has recently introduced a system where you can check the following things by entering the IMEI number of your mobile.

    ✅ Your mobile phone compliant?

    ✅ Your mobile phone non-compliant?

    ✅ Or your phone is blocked?

✔️ Compliant means his NOC has been taken, his tax has been paid and that mobile phone is perfectly fine.

✔️ Non-compliant means that its NOC has not been taken, its tax has not been paid, but you can make it a supplement by paying your tax on this mobile.

✔️ Now the third category is blocked, it is a category on which IMEI blocking has been imposed regularly. That is, those who steal mobiles that are reported in PTA. All such phones fall into the block category.

PTA Tax Check With IMEI Number

PTA Registration Check IMEI Number

I've told you above how to check PTA Tax With Check IMEI Number, 

There are three methods for IMEI verification, the first of which is with the help of a Website, whose link has been given. And the second method with software and this software can be downloaded free for Android users on the Play Store, its name is DIRBS (Device Identification Registration Blocking System). And it will work the same way the website works. In this too you will put your IMEI number first. And then you'll know if your device is compliant, non-compliant, or blocked. The third way here is SMS, which is for those who do not have internet facilities, then they can also see the status of their mobile. If the status of your mobile status within MS is compliant, then it is a good thing and if non-compliant comes, then you should register your mobile with PTA. Because the PTA officials are saying that those mobile phones which have not been registered with the PTA for a long time, we will permanently block them, which will mean that then this IMEI number will never be registered by paying tax.

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