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How Much is iPhone 14 Pro Max

 Apple continues to launch very crazy types of technologies as usual and the iPhone 14 has been launched. Question: How Much is iPhone 14 Pro Max? four new models of the iPhone have come. And the next generation of Apple Watch and AirPod Pro has also been launched. And here we keep clearing that many things lived up to the expectations, but many things did not happen as they should have. We will summarize all these things.

How Much is iPhone 14 Pro Max

How Much is iPhone 14 Pro Max 

So we will only mention the newly launched phone the iPhone here, not the Apple Watch and the rest of the launched products. Because we know that the new model of the iPhone is launched a year later and there is a little more excited about it. And we have seen some people who are very critical of the iPhone and say that what is a little better processor than them and what is new in it? So let us tell you that the iPhone never sells hardware, Apple company sells an ecosystem. And that's why when you judge a device on the hardware base, you'll never understand why anyone buys an iPhone. And it is also correct to say here that Apple Company is currently number one in the world of technology. Many other companies are doing a great job. But when you talk about scale, Apple's plus points are made in this competition. And another thing surprising here is that people who use Apple phones rarely turn to another company's phone. 

Apple has launched four iPhones, first of which comes the iPhone 14 series, which has two iPhones, and then the pro series of iPhones, and here the rumors and leaks that came out to us are absolutely fine that Apple will not launch its mini-series phones and instead we got an iPhone Plus model. There were reports that it will be launched under the name of iPhone 14 Max. But its name has come from the iPhone 14 Plus, it is a change that we have seen. According to the rumors, it was also heard that there will also be a non-Pro version with two cameras on the back and its size will be full-on Pro Max level, which is seen in the iPhone 13 Pro Max series. It is very important to clarify another thing here as far as you talk about the front camera of the iPhone 14, it is exactly the same as seen in the iPhone 13 Pro series. The cameras of the top phones of the last 13 series have been used here in the 14 series plus phones.

In both the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus, you will see a refresh rate of 60 and if you talk about the Pro series, then the Pro series that has been coming from last year, you get to see the option of refresh rate is 120. And here this option has been removed. But the overall phone has been made quite good. Another thing that is very important is that the generation that has come this time has the same processors as in last year's Pro series of phones. You won't see upgrades within the processor here. If you want some upgrades, you'll have to move on to the Pro series.

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How Much is iPhone 14 Pro Max

What is the Biggest Change in iPhone 14?

What is Photonic Engine in iPhone 14 Series?

Emergency SOS Via Sattellite in iPhone 14

14 Pro Max Price in Pakistan

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Conclusion & Disclaimer:

What is the Biggest Change in iPhone 14? 

The biggest change that has been made in the iPhone 14 here is its cameras. Its cameras are 12 megapixels, but the camera sensor of the iPhone 14 is much better than the camera of the iPhone 13. And here's another thing that's very important is that they introduced a technology called Sensor-Shift that only we got to see in the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Now they will see the sensor shift in all these current generation phones. Another major change that has been seen is that the SIM slot has been removed from the iPhones that will be launched in the USA. This means you won't get to see the SIM card slot itself. There are two things that you will get to see in an E-SIM. And you won't be able to use a normal SIM, and Apple is doing it because E-Sims are the future. And the big thing in this is that if the manual SIM is inserted, then anyone calls this SIM and cuts you off from every service associated with it, but if there is an E-SIM, then in the Apple system you will be able to track this phone even if your phone is turned off. E-Sim also provides you with security in a way and on the other hand how much you trust Apple that they can track you all the time. Another change that you will see inside the iPhone is its Action Mode, if you have used Vivo Oppo or any other company's phone, they have a gimbal mode, this Action Mode also works similarly. But I won't review it until I personally use this feature. Because when Apple introduced cinematic mode, I was quite excited, but when it actually used it, it was performing very well in certain cases but in some cases, it also flops badly. But for now, we'll see how this gimbal mode works in what Apple is calling action mode.

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What is Photonic Engine in iPhone 14 Series? 

There have been a lot of changes in the camera, while there are not so many changes in the ultra-wide camera. Another thing that has been introduced is the system of photonic lighting.  Your editing through the photonic engine has changed the processing that happens later and according to Apple, their main camera will perform three times better. Most of the phones in the market increase the numbers of their upcoming models from the previous model, while there are some changes in it but not as much as the numbers are reported, and if Apple is telling the camera three times better, it will really be three times better. The iPhone does not misrepresent this.

Emergency SOS Via Satellite in iPhone 14 

Your iPhone will now be able to communicate via satellite.  The phone you have now has a SIM inserted into it that is taking a signal from a nearby tower. But there are many areas where the network issue resides and in such a situation Apple has given satellite connectivity to its phones. And most importantly, for satellite connectivity, you need a large phone and large antennas. And it's not easy to make calls to you either. Here, the iPhone also made it not for calls, but for SOS messages so that you get stuck in a place where there is no signal and you can ask for help from an SMS. 
And this service will not be for everyone, but initially, it will only be for USA and Canada and overall this service can be launched at the end of the year. It's a different matter that everyone who takes a phone from a new series of iPhones will also be paying for a service that is not available to them. And in the first two years of the launch of this service, this service will be used for free, then Apple may keep a premium package to use it later.

Whether satellite SOS comes to Pakistan or not, nothing can be said about it because four generations ago, the ECG system that came to Apple Watch has not yet come to Pakistan, then there is no news about whether the satellite option will come or not.

14 Pro Max Price in Pakistan 

Finally, when we talk about pricing, we were thinking that this time the rates of the iPhone will increase, but it did not happen. Neither did we see price increments in low-range phones nor did we see any price difference in upper-range phones. Since the Plus model was not launched last year, it has been launched for $ 899. And another big thing is that you can still buy the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 Mini is also available. Pro-level phones you will not be able to buy, they have removed them from the sales series, including iPhone 13 pro max. 

If you talk about their Pakistani price tag, then convert the dollar directly into Pakistan and add 132,000 rupees more to it, then you will get the Pakistani price, and the dollar keeps going up and down, which can make a difference in the price.

Approximately Price: 

iPhone 14 Without PTA = Rs. 178,821
iPhone 14 With PTA = Rs. 310,821
iPhone 14 Plus Without PTA = Rs. 210,202
iPhone 14 Plus With PTA = Rs. 333,202

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✅ Conclusion & Disclaimer: 

These are the prices that I have given are the prices that will get from Apple and now since the phone will be very low in Pakistan, then the price will increase a lot in this sense, then add 50 or 60 thousand to it. 

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