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How to Lock Gmail Account on Android

 Do you want to lock your Gmail account? And if you do not know how to apply, then this blog article [How to lock Gmail Account on Android] is going to be very important for you. Most people ask us if we want to lock our Gmail app but don't know how to. So today we have come up with a solution to this problem so that you can lock the Gmail account on your Android phone. Read the blog article in full If a single section is missed, then you may find it difficult to lock. 

How to Lock Gmail Account on Android

How to Lock Gmail Account on Android 

Gmail is a top-rated service introduced by Google that allows you to take advantage of the convenience of email, and many people also have some sensitive data in it, such as Google Drive from Gmail itself. And all the data of gmails that is sent is also present in the sent mails. So in such a situation, if someone grabs your mobile and there is no lock on your Gmail, then he can easily go to your personal data. So today we're going to talk about the same issue and teach you how to secure a Gmail account on your Android phone. Secure a Gmail account so that no one can enter it without your permission.

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✔️ How to Lock Gmail Account on Android

✔️ How do I put a Lock on My Gmail Account?

✔️ Can I put a passcode on my Gmail app?

✔️ How do I lock my Google Account on my phone?

✔️ What is Smart Lock on Android?

How do I put a Lock on My Gmail Account? 

The first way that no one can go to your mobile's Gmail account is the security of your mobile, that is, if there is a fingerprint lock or pattern, or numeric lock on your mobile, then the first security will be that you do not let anyone know about your screen lock and even if it goes, you can fingerprint in your mobile keep the lock method active. This will also keep gallery data in your mobile safe and no one will have access to other apps, including Gmail.

Can I put a passcode on my Gmail app? 

How do you lock apps on Android? Can I put a passcode on my Gmail app? The short answer is! Yes. As you all know, now is the era of smartphones and most people use Gmail only on mobile phones. So the video we have brought for you is also of the mobile video so that you can more easily understand how to lock the Gmail account.

The first thing you need to do to set a passcode is to go to your mobile 

==> Settings ==> Privacy ==> AppLock ==> Set Passcode ==> Select App. Done

How do I lock my Google Account on my phone? 

If you want to keep your Google account secure, sign in to a Google account and attach it to the Gmail app. Try to keep any of your passwords you create up to 16 digits. The fewer passwords you have than 16 digits, the more likely your password will be hacked. And to stay more secure, you should keep your account's two-step verification setting active.

What is Smart Lock on Android? 

Android phones have the option of a smart lock, what is Smart Lock on Android and how to use it, many people do not know about what the real purpose of the smart lock is and how it is used. Before using the Smart Lock feature, set the screen lock on your mobile, then you will see the smart lock option. Smart Lock has four options that you can be more secure by activating them.

    ✅ On-Body Detection 

This option means that as long as your mobile is in motion i.e. in your hand or pocket, it will not ask for a Smart Lock when your mobile is in rest state for ten minutes, this feature will be active and then you have to open the set smart lock. Whatever you set.

    ✅ Trusted Places 

The second option is our Trusted Place, which you activate, then this feature will make you a radius around the place from which you go out, then this smart lock will be active, as long as you are within the scope of this trusted location, this smart lock password will not ask you for this smart lock password.

    ✅  Trusted Devices 

The third option we have is a trusted device, which if activated, will be attached to your smartwatch, and when your watch is away from connectivity, it will be smart lock active.

    ✅ Voice Match 

The fourth option we have is a voice match, and this is a wonderful option that will open the phone lock only when you speak without touching your phone. To activate it, you have to give three voice samples by saying OK Google, then you will be able to use this feature.

Note: Don't try to get any mobile features with the help of a third-party app that can make you insecure. 

With the help of Smart Lock, you can add any app manually to it and it will have a smart lock so that you can keep your valuable data safe.

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