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How to Sell Photos to Shutterstock

Today we will tell you in detail how to earn money to Shutterstock sitting in any country. You can sell your work at Shutterstock. If you are fond of making videos or you are fond of photography, then make this hobby a job. Shutterstock works as a data website where you create your account and put your work on it and sell it by putting a certain price for the work. And you can earn a good amount of money from it.

How to Sell Photos to Shutterstock 

When I started working as an experiment on Shutterstock, I sold some 208 photos, whose total amount was $ 108, and the mobile from which I made these photos were also bought for $ 108. So, friends, I have taken out the entire price of my mobile from the shutter stock, now it is your turn you can also make money from here.

How to Sell Photos to Shutterstock

I've heard some people say that to work on Shutterstock, you have to have a good mobile with a good camera. There is no doubt that it is very important to have a good camera for good photos, but if you have average mobile, it does not mean that you cannot work on Shutterstock. You can also make money from shutter stock with an average camera mobile. Shutterstock's website is not so popular in terms of making money, but the less popular the website, the easier it is to earn money. I do not mean to say that Shutterstock is a small website, but I mean that when it comes to earning online, people turn to YouTube and not Shutterstock, so Shutterstock is a less popular website in this regard.

Photos/Videos Selling on Shutterstock 

You can sell photo videos and 3D models and illustrations on Shutterstock and after submitting them will be approved on your quality. It's very easy to upload your work on Shutterstock. But you must follow the submission guideline or else you will be banned. 

We show you some accounts of what kind of photos they're making money to sell photos/Videos to Shutterstock so you have some idea of how to work. To make things easier and better understand things, we have uploaded the video so that things can appear more clearly in front of you.

What Type of Photos Sell on Shutterstock?

On Shutterstock, you can put text-based photos and 3D photos, and shirt designs, and if you are a graphic designer, you can publish designs of visiting cards. When the photos put on Shutterstock are indexed in Google's search engine, a watermark is printed on it by the Shutterstock website so that if anyone downloads it, the Shutterstock logo is also downloaded on the photo. So if you want to download this photo without a watermark, then you have to pay the price of that photo.

You can sell all kinds of photos on Shutterstock. We've even seen foot photos being sold on Shutterstock. You may find it strange to hear that there is nothing that goes unsold. Just if you have a little sense of taking photos, then your work will improve. You'll have to sign up as a contributor and then do an email verification before you start earning on shutter stock. Complete all the required items and put your address. And start uploading photos.

Technical things and Requirements 

Shutterstock will give you the option to upload photos videos and artwork. Most JPG photos are more liked on Shutterstock, and it is also said that upload photos in JPG format when needed, its format will change the website itself. 

Shutterstock Review Process 

I'll tell you that you're a real working person on Shutterstock if, in any way you try to cheat Shutterstock, your job won't be approved. The best solution for this is that in the beginning, you put photos that look more quality and better. This will make your account active and people will be coming to your photos.

Turning into a Shutterstock Contributor 

Selling your photographs on a site like Shutterstock can present you extra pay as well as more openness for your photography business. Utilize the tips in this article to get ready yourself and sign up as a Shutterstock contributor today.

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