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Samsung FRP Bypass Tool for PC Free Download

 How to open Samsung Mobile if it has an FRP lock, and how to open a phone that has FRP lock i.e. (Factory Reset Protection)? Here we will give you the Samsung FRP bypass tool for PC free download FRP hijacker by hagard which will be absolutely free.

Samsung FRP Bypass Tool for PC Free Download

What is FRP Lock/Gmail Lock 

If you use Samsung's mobile and your mobile FRP is locked. That is, after resetting your mobile, Gmail is asking for an ID and password. Yes, friends, FRP Lock was introduced by Samsung, as the iCloud of the iPhone works exactly the same, that is, if the Gmail ID in your mobile and even if the mobile reset, then the same ID will ask you as confirmation when the mobile is on. And in such a case, your mobile is called FRP lock or Gmail Lock.

If you want to lock your Gmail account so that no one can go into your Gmail inbox without a security code, you can read another article of mine that explains in full detail with the Step by Step Guide.

Click Here: How to Lock Gmail Account on Android

Samsung FRP Bypass Tool for PC Free Download 

Nowadays many phones come from factory reset protection FRP lock phones and it is a system that no one can access the data on your mobile. And some of these Samsung phones came in which it came in the security software itself. And to bypass this setting, you no longer need to go to a market and get mobile software done nor do you need to spend money. You can also open the FRP lock phone while sitting at your home. This tool will only work if your phone belongs to a Samsung company.

FRP Bypass Tool for PC DM 

Before giving the FRP lock tool, we will see how our phone is FRP locked. And how can we open it without a Gmail ID and password? Most Samsung phones that have an android, lollipop, or more software have FRP features. What happens to this is that if your phone is stolen, you will be asked for the same Gmail ID that was present on the mobile. Without it, the mobile will not be open. But with the help of this FRP bypass tool for PC DM of ours, you will be able to open this phone easily without Gmail and a password.

Table of Content

✔️ What is FRP Lock/Gmail Lock

✔️ Samsung FRP Bypass Tool for PC Free Download

✔️ FRP Bypass Tool for PC DM 

✔️ How to use FRP HiJacker By Hagard 

✔️ Conclusion & Disclaimer: 

How to use FRP HiJacker By Hagard 

The first thing you have to do is download Samsung FRP Bypass Tool for PC Free software by clicking on this download button. Which will be in the ZIP file, and when you extract it, you will be asked for the password that this RAR has to give.

Zip File Password "rar"
How to use FRP HiJacker By Hagard

Install the software into the computer which will look like the photo below.

How to use FRP HiJacker

Select the model of your mobile.

frp bypass apk download for pc

Now connect your phone to Normal Mode and then click on scan.

frp bypass tool for pc dm

Then click on Factory Reset.

What is FRP Lock Gmail Lock Phone

Now you can see the phone flashing.

phone frp bypass guide

✅ Conclusion & Disclaimer: 

All the things mentioned in this blog article are knowledge base and do not misuse it, open the mobile phone lock only if it is your phone and you forget the email address or password of your ID, giving services in this regard or wrong. And do not open the mobile lock to anyone you do not know, if you open someone's lock, save his identity and information so that he can be found when the time comes.

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