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iPhone X Non PTA Price in Pakistan

iPhone X Non PTA Price in Pakistan - Many iPhone mobile lovers in Pakistan like to buy whatever phone it is and if you have an iPhone, you are ready to go to any extent for it. There is a huge market for buying and selling used mobiles in Pakistan, where mobile phones of all companies are sold and bought.

iPhone X Non PTA Price in Pakistan

iPhone X Non PTA Price in Pakistan

The phone market we are going to talk about today is the iPhone X Non PTA mobile, whose market is very high and this mobile is sold a lot in Pakistan. iPhone mobiles will be easily available to you from any local market, but you should also have the knowledge of mobiles and the skill to find faults. By the way, shopkeepers sell such mobiles less, but still, many such faults do not even pass through the shopkeeper's eyes and the victim becomes a customer. And calculate the price of such mobiles in the market so that you are not cheated, and you can buy a good phone at a reasonable price. Ever since the Government of Pakistan imposed a tax on mobile phones coming from abroad on behalf of PTA, the price of these mobiles has doubled, which has become beyond the reach of the common man. Bypassing PTA, a patch system has also emerged, from which people are making the phone easily usable by getting the patch approved at a very low price. If you want complete information in this regard, then this article will be very useful.

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iPhone x Non PTA

Where iPhone mobiles have gone out of reach due to taxation, people prefer to use the phone without paying taxes to fulfill their passion. And people are using iPhone x Non PTA phones and running it in another brand's phone separately to run the SIM. And when we talk about iPhone x Non PTA approved price in Pakistan. So, in this case, you will get to see the same model of the iPhone at two different prices whether they are the iPhone x r Non PTA price in Pakistan or iPhone x s max Non PTA price in Pakistan. Will be easily available to you at the given price.

iPhone X Non PTA 256GB
Battery Health 81% To 88%
100% Original Waterpack Stock
Price = 53,000/-

By going to the video below, you can also contact the WhatsApp number and go and buy by visiting the shop yourself.


iPhone x s Max non PTA Price in Pakistan

The size of the iPhone's X S Max non PTA price in Pakistan is slightly different and looks wise larger and the battery is also high capacity, so there is also a difference in price according to this calculation. Whenever you go to buy a mobile, take care of these six things.

✔️ Verify the IMEI number from both the body and the software.
✔️ Activation lock (make sure it's not stolen).
✔️ Check if IMEI is blocked.
✔️ Data deletion.
✔️ Check the warranty.
✔️ Check for water loss.

iPhone X s Non PTA Price in Pakistan

iPhone X non PTA and iPhone X s Non PTA Price in Pakistan is not so different, It's almost the same, yes! Looking at the condition of the mobile, something less can be more. A tremendous advantage of an iPhone is that it's a device that preserves its value flawlessly, so in case you, as an example, purchase one iPhone for $750 and purchase any phone at an equal charge the equal day (whatever the type) after which determine to promote each those devices after a year. So you will understand that the iPhone is offered at a far better charge than the alternative device. If we count that the price of the iPhone can be half of the purchase rate, the charge of the opposite device will not exceed one-third of the purchase fee (after the normal use of two devices with the same intensity) it's far due to the fact there is a  significant demand for this tool, it is good for the seller or the owner of the device but it also approaches that the use The fee of the completed device is excessive and near the brand new. So we provide this text as a recommendation before shopping for a used device so you're now not fooled and paid a large amount of cash for a device that is not. Worth that fee.

Conclusion & Disclaimer

If you are a victim of fraud in buying or selling any mobile, then we are not responsible for it, We are not running any kind of mobile shop we are giving you access to people based on the best prices so that you can buy a good phone at a lower price.

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