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FB Account Hacked How to Recover?

FB Account Hacked How to Recover

Social media networking has become much more common and every one of us today has a smartphone. If there is a smartphone, then it is evident that there will also be apps for social networking in it. For social media networking, it is essential to have your account on these apps and if you have not kept this account secure or if there is no password strong, then anyone can easily hack your account by putting an idea of your password. Today we will tell you if your FB account was hacked and how to recover it? your statement that your account has been hacked. 

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FB Account Hacked How to Recover?

My Facebook Account Hacked How to Recover?

How to Recover Facebook Hacked Account? Step-by-Step Guide

How to Recover Hacked Facebook Account Without Email?

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FB Account Hacked How to Recover? 

If your Facebook account has been hacked, you have to recover it now, so there is a very simple solution to how to recover it. 90% of the account is recovered from the same mobile on which your account is hacked. To put it simply, if your Facebook account was running on your mobile computer or any device, then that account had become user-friendly with that device. Your Facebook account stores your mobile in your database. And if an attempt is made to run this account from another device, it can be brought back from the old device. 

Your account has been hacked, what do you have to do now? You have to re-open the same app where your account was running earlier and you have to try to log on to the same device on which your account was previously running on the device and one more thing to keep in mind is that your mobile or device factory setting has not been reset in the meantime. 

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My Facebook Account Hacked How to Recover? 

my facebook account hacked how to recover

Your mobile number has been removed from your account and the email has also been removed, now there is no option to reset your password. In such a situation you should not worry just have to follow some steps. 

How to Recover Facebook Hacked Account? Step-by-Step Guide 

Open the App and apply your old email and password. This will give you a message show that says your password is old, put in a new password.

You have to rewrite the same password three times when you repeat the same thing three times, then you have to click the request new password, then in this case the app will take you to the browser on your mobile, then you simply have to repeat the same method three times on this browser.

How to Recover Facebook Hacked Account Step-by-Step Guide

When you put your old password in the browser three times, you have to click on the Request New Password option here as well. Beyond this, if the hacker has put his email and mobile number to reset your password, then our recovery password will come on them, otherwise, we will have an option under them that we do not have access to these things. Click on it.

Whatever comes next, you have to forward it with the same option that I don't have access to them. You also have to repeat this process once more. That is, twice in the browser, you have to request a new password and click on the option of not accessing the email and mobile number installed by the hacker and come back to Logan. When you do this twice, you will be asked for a new email when you repeat this process the third time. And there you have to give an email address on which no Facebook account has been created before. I would advise you to create a new email account and keep it with you in advance.

How to Recover Hacked Facebook Account Without Email? 

how to recover hacked facebook account without email

When for the third time in the browser you click on Request New Password and click on the option below the hacker's email ID and mobile number which they do not have access to, then your mobile will be user-friendly and Facebook will ask you for a new email. Next to this, you may be asked by Facebook for a scanned copy of your National ID card or passport that matches your account. It has to be uploaded and you will receive a recovery email for your account on the newly inserted email within ten minutes. By clicking on it you will secure your account and remove all the contacts and emails inserted by the hacker and apply a new password. 

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Sharing Tips & Truck about Facebook here means giving you information and increasing your knowledge. There is no illegality and no promotion of content against anyone. If someone's account is hacked, all the information shared about how we can bring it back is completely legal. Keep your social networking password strong and don't share it with anyone. 

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